Wednesday, November 10, 2010

failure's not flattering

This month I have volunteered to teach the 4-5 year old class during the church hour. I thought, "Hey, I'm a teacher. I can do this." This past Sunday was my first class. It was horrible. I had no control; I had no idea how to keep the kids' attention, nor a clue on how to get them to listen, obey, and/or be nice. It was highly stressful.

It was humbling. I failed. I hate failure. Failure is humiliating; it makes me look foolish.

But, I have decided that God's plan was for me to fail. He knew I'd fail. Well, He knew I'd see it as failure. I couldn't do it. I'll still be in there for the next three weeks. However, I now realize a few things. First, I really need to pray for God's help. Second, it doesn't have to go perfectly. Finally, I have to remember to do it for God and not so that I can pat myself on the back to tell myself how awesome I am.

failure's not flattering, but neither is pride. i needed the faceplant.

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