Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Shout out to Babies R Us

Good customer service will win me over EVERY time.

A few weeks ago I ordered a gift card online from Babies R Us. When Ryan and Steph didn't get the card within a few days of shipping, I got a little worried. I talked with Ryan and realized I'd given the wrong address to the company. Oh no!

I called and talked to a few different people at Babies R Us as well as talked to Ryan to see what we should/could do. When we determined the card was not at his post office nor a neighbor's house, I called back to Babies R Us. The operator forwarded my call to the supervisor.

Everyone I talked to was extremely polite, and even though the error was mine, she had no problem calling the gift card service to have the card canceled and resent. They could've easily said, "Sorry that's your fault," but of course that would've been poor customer service.

Good customer service will win me over every time.

Ryan got the gift card today!

Sidenote: Be careful when dialing toll free numbers. If you dial 1-800 rather than 1-888 when calling Babies R Us, you end up hearing a hot (maybe?), steamy lady trying to seduce you with a sultry voice and accompanying music. Oops!


JK8181 said...

Whats the rest of that 1 800 number? Thanks!!

Sonia said...

Like you, I also get extremely happy every time I encounter great customer service. It makes me happy to think that there are still companies that serve their clients well. I've also experience a terrific customer service just recently when I called up the call center of a certain company which I've had a certain concern. And in a short period of time, my problem's solved and I really thank them for doing their best in providing me the service that I truly deserve.