Wednesday, November 3, 2010

today in my christian classroom

As a teacher, I'm tired of students turning in work that's messy, lazy, and absolutely not a true portrayal of their knowledge and ability. No matter how many times I repeat, "Do your best. Go over your answers. Check your work. Make sure you didn't skip any questions," at least one---and usually more---student fails to adhere to my advice.

My students had their first test over two-digit multiplication. I was nervous for them. I knew they had the ability in them, but so many were constantly making careless errors in their daily practice. I decided to present them with a new point of view.

"When your parents buy you something to make, what's the first thing you do when you are done creating it?" I asked them. I then demonstrated for them. I held my two hands up in front of me, as if to hold some new little creation: "Look what I did! I made this for you!" The students smiled and agreed that's exactly what they would do.

I told them, "God has given you the gift of learning. When you take a test, when you do a homework assignment, when you complete classwork, I want you to think of it in that same way. I want you to say, Lord, look what I can do! Look what I'm doing for You!"

I want my students to see schoolwork as an opportunity to worship God. They are fulfilling a purpose much higher than completion... a purpose much more important than a grade. They are laying before their God the works they have done in His honor.

The students turned in their tests, and I eagerly graded them. I have 15 students. There were 14 A's and 1 B.

I believe the Lord will say to them, "Well done, thy good and faithful servant."

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Kristi-Anna said...

Awesome! That made my heart smile.