Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Christian Mindset

This week, news broke that Rick Pitino had an affair and then paid for the woman to have an abortion. In a Christian forum discussing the situation, a believer said the following:

"The affair is not a huge deal to me--its more a personal matter between him and his wife, but the abortion--the murder--makes it impossible for me to be supportive of this man in any way, or of any team he is leading."

Today, Michael Vick signed with The Philadelphia Eagles. He had been in prison, serving time after his involvement with dog fighting. I've heard things like this from Christians:

"Vick should be banned for life."

I'm bothered. There is an underlying problem that is beginning to surface, and I don't think some Christians even realize it's happening. Yes, I believe abortion is wrong. No, I don't think dog fighting is acceptable. Then what is my problem? Why am I bothered?

In these statements, I see the influence of media, of politics, of the world. How does a Christian make an uproar because of an abortion, but not be too bothered by adultery because it's personal? Why do we as Christians get up in arms about Vick being allowed back into the NFL, but no one bats an eye at the many men in professional sports who misuse women or cheat on their wives.

My point is not to judge these men for their sin. There is a greater dilemma hidden within the responses. We as Christians have let society permeate our way of thinking. We have made sins smaller or bigger based on the ideas of popular culture. This is a problem because it will affect our personal lives. Our own choices will be determined by this similar way of thinking. We can begin to justify what we do based on what is acceptable in society rather than considering God's holiness in our lives. And it's happened so slyly that we don't even see it right in front of us.

I am sure there are places in my life where I have let my surrounding determine my choices, guide my thinking, and even change my philosophy. My prayer is that we would all revisit the holiness of God, and realign our thinking accordingly.


John said...

I completely agree and think you nailed it on the head, but do need to add: Christians also have issues forgiving people. As easy as that should be for us. Michael Vick is a prime example. He has stated he is sorry for what he did and has paid his time in jail and loss of income. We as Christian people should forgive him and move on. It has absolutely nothing to do with how you feel about dogs or anything else. It has to do with a heart condition and our unwillingness to let someone who wronged us on some level be forgiven.

Sizzledowski said...

John, I agree Christians need to be forgiving; however, the intent of my post had little to do with Vick and Pitino. I more wanted to focus on the mindset we as Christians have, and how it is affected by current trends in politics and society in general.

A post on forgiveness would be an entirely separate thought. :)

Definitely true, though.

Anonymous said...

What is the Gospel? "While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." Rom 5:8 Too many "believers" are losing sight of the nakedness of our own condition. We have become like the Laodiceans of Revelation 3. What is Jesus saying to the pharisee hearts of today. God, have mercy on me a sinner...let me love you with all I have and love others as myself.