Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's the End of the World as We Know It

My life officially ends on Monday. That's when school starts. I only have 11 students, but with fewer students, I have more time in class. With more time in class, I'm going to have a need for much more preparation.

On top of teaching a full time position, I'm beginning my master's classes on Thursday. These take place on Thursday and Friday from 6-10 (an hour away... having to drive beltway traffic may make it longer), and Saturday 9-4. Who knows how much work I'll have for the classes!

So, I've written off the idea of LIFE for the next 11 months while I work on my job and my classes.

Today after our school staff luncheon, we had a volleyball tournament among the staff and faculty. My team won! It was pretty exciting for us. Then tonight, I went to play poker with my friend, Kristi-Anna, and I was the big winner of the evening. I quadrupled what I put in.

It was a good beginning to my last weekend of freedom and solace. I plan to sleep in Saturday, and then spend the evening in Annapolis with Tim, Charity, David, and maybe Amber too.

On a more serious note, there have been all kinds of things happening around me that need much prayer. In my time of prayer, I'm finding great solace in the joy of going before God with my petitions. I'm dwelling on the love of a God who desires us to come to Him. I don't go to Him because I deserve to have my prayers answered, but knowing He wants me to ask is a pretty powerful thought. He delights in our requests. I trust His sovereignty.

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tp said...

Kristi told me about your game... congrats! I am so proud- and talk about a trophy!! :)