Monday, August 4, 2008


Mark and I went to Michigan for the weekend. The drive there wasn't so fun because the construction is just out of control. But once we got there, it was a fast-paced, fun time. Saturday morning a group of us went to Ikea - Jesse, Sheri, Alison, Sophia, Me, Mark. After the shopping, we ate lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, and then headed home to get ready for the par-tay. We played lots and lots of Rock Band, ate lots of food, and then finished the night with some poker. I finally won! Jesse and I were the final two, and I beat him!

I'm glad I got to spend time with Alison and Sophia. It's so strange sometimes because I feel like I don't know Sophia as well as I know Alison. Part of that is the fact that Fifi (what I call Sophia) is only one year old, but it's also that I was with Alison for the first three years of her life. It kind of makes me sad to think I am not there all the time to see Sophia growing up. I do my best to see them as much as I can!

The Melissa Party is the event that takes place pretty much any time I am in Michigan. It's required that as many of my friends come as possible. This weekend, Ryan, Irfan, John, Emily, and Bethanne came, along with my whole family --- Mom, Dad, Jesse, Sheri, Alison, Sophia, and Michael. It was loud and crazy and fun.


Emily said...

I really need to get some sun.

David Hathcock said...

those are nice pictures of you two

and na, i don't mind the link to my blog