Thursday, July 17, 2008


While flying home from Indiana, I had a pretty cool conversation with the couple sitting next to me. They were a young, friendly couple, and as we talked, we found out we actually knew a lot of the same people because they were BJU grads, and he teaches at Inter-City Baptist. Small world! During part of our conversation, we talked about reading, and I told them (I can't remember the husband's name, but the wife's name was Cassie) about my friend, Gretchen, who reads a billion books a year. I told them how her example encouraged me to set some sort of reading goal.

I'd started out strong, but fell behind. Then I finished Velvet Elvis on my trip, so I'm now caught up on books! It's July and I have read 7 books. My goal is to read 12 books this year, so for a-book-a-month, I'm on target!

All that to say, maybe I will achieve my reading goal this year! I had also set a goal of having my school loan paid off this summer, but that's not happening. I was pretty discouraged, not so much about the loan, but the failure of reaching a goal. I rarely set goals because I hate the feeling of failure. That's pretty much the worst attitude ever, but it's definitely true in my life.

This paragraph is where I should be making some deep statement about setting goals despite the possibility of failure. Unfortunately, I have no light to shed on that subject. The End.

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