Friday, July 18, 2008

Tigers Vs. Orioles at Camden Yards

One of my students gave me Tiger tickets at the end of the school year. Best. Gift. Ever... and this includes the Coach purse he gave me at Christmas. Anyway, the game was great. The seats were great. Brandon Inge was great. Todd Jones was just good enough. :) While he was on the mound, the stadium was blaring the "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands" tune. Meanwhile, I was singing, "If you hate Todd Jones and know it clap your hands... if you hate Todd Jones and know it, cuz you know he's gonna blow it, if you hate Todd Jones and know it, clap your hands." Well, somehow, the Tigers pulled the win, despite Todd Jones.

After the game, we walked to the side of the stadium where I'd seen Ledezma walk out last year (or the year before... I forget now). Sure enough, I saw...

Matt Joyce (I think)
Justin Verlander
Edgar Renteria
Fernando Rodney
Todd Jones
and maybe Polanco, but I only saw him from behind, so I'm not sure.

I got a picture of Rodney. He stood talking with some guys, some of whom may have also been players I didn't recognize.

Then, when Todd Jones came out, he stopped to sign autographs, so I took pictures, and actually got his autograph. My friend, Erin, was cracking up at the irony of my getting his autograph since I think he sucks. :) I decided I should not sing my song for Todd Jones. Plus, he was really nice, so I can't say bad things about him any more.

OH! I also got my picture with Rod Allen, the Detroit Sports Announcer!

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MadMup said...

Awesome! Glad you had a fun night :)