Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Molly's Movie Etiquette Rules

1. It is acceptable to "call" what's going to happen next. It makes you cool if you're right, and a moron if you're not.

2. It is not acceptable to say "Oh, pay attention to this part!" when watching a movie with a first time viewer.

3. It is not acceptable to pre-laugh when watching a movie with a first time viewer.

4. It is acceptable to pre-laugh when all viewers have seen the movie before. In fact, this is encouraged.

5. It is not acceptable to ridicule what could/could not happen in action movies. Duh.

6. It is acceptable to point out attractive actors/actresses. But only once. Unless it's Johnny Depp.

7. It is acceptable to stop a movie in order to check IMDB so you can figure out where you've seen specific actors before. Otherwise, you'll miss parts of the movie while your brain is wandering.

Feel free to add some of yours ... but these are my rules.


MadMup said...

Addendum to Rule #6: "Or Winona Ryder."

We can call that addendum "The Mark Rule."

GravenRecords said...

hey molly - thanks for the nice comment on the bwc blog.

keep in touch. cool movie etiquette!

Kelly said...

what about when your mother-in-law decides to tell you the whole plot of the movie that she's already seen, because "we might not figure it out." can there be a rule about that?

we were watching atonement, by the way, and we had to repeatedly tell her to stop telling us about the movie.

The Girl from the Inner Field said...

It is not acceptable to carry on a conversation totally unrelated to the movie with a first time veiwer. Unless the first time viewer initiated the conversation.