Thursday, March 27, 2008

Molly's March Movies

  1. Born into Brothels - This was more about poor kids in India in general than about brothels. I enjoyed it regardless.
  2. The Prime Gig - Horrible. The premise was that of Boiler Room except they were telemarketers instead of stock brokers. Seriously? A movie about telemarketers?
  3. The Last King of Scotland - It was a decent movie. I didn't like that I felt bad for the white guy since he really wasn't an honorable man. Then, when I researched, I realized he was a completely fictional character, anyway. I'm not sure if I should be irritated by that or give kudos.
  4. Becoming Jane - I enjoyed it. I'm embarrassed to say I'm letting my inner girl out a lot more lately. *sigh*
  5. The Sleeping Dictionary - Not any good. It was free on some movie channel, so I watched.
  6. Stolen Summer - This was actually a cute little movie about a Catholic boy who decides it's his mission in life to make sure people can go to heaven. He makes the Jewish community his mission field. Unfortunately, the boy doesn't know how to help people get to heaven, so he makes up his own way for a dying Jewish boy. My favorite part is when he's caught stealing communion. He says to the priest, "I've got a friend who really needs a piece of Jesus!" Don't we all.
  7. Hurricane Streets- free view. eh.
  8. Swingers - I know I've seen parts of this, but I can't remember if I'd ever seen it all the way through, so I did. Vince Vaughn's character irritated me the first half of the movie, but I ended up enjoying the film by the end, despite Vaughn's character. I guess if he annoyed me, he did his job as an actor. :)
  9. Georgia Rule - type cast? Most definitely. Shame on me for saying that.
  10. Notes on a Scandal - eh.
  11. Across the Universe- Trippy! I enjoyed the voices that sang the songs. I was sad that LSD, er, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," didn't make it into the actual footage... only the ending credits.
  12. Cheaper by the Dozen II - I was babysitting so we watched it. It was cute.
  13. Jane Austen Book Club - Jane would be proud. Good movie.
  14. Black Snake Moan - not impressed. not at all.
  15. The Kite Runner - It was ok. I cried.
  16. Frailty - Creepy. Had high hopes halfway through. Didn't care for the ending.


Kelly said...

i felt the same way about the white guy's character in king of scotland.

i just saw becoming jane, and was really bored with it!

Anonymous said...

I loved Becoming Jane. I don't know there's too much inner girl in that one. Jane wasn't exactly girly. haha
Loved, loved, loved Across the Universe.