Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Vacation Comes to a Close

After I finished my professional project for my master's degree, I went to NYC to visit my friends, Joe and Kristina. We had a lot of fun just chillin in Manhattan. I have another friend who lives in Queens, and he works for Tracy Morgan. That friend hooked us up with passes to see Tracy Morgan do stand up at Caroline's in Times Square. THAT was a lot of fun! I also went to Redeemer Presbyterian in Manhattan, where Tim Keller is the pastor. He didn't speak, but it was still cool to go.

After my trip to NYC, I went to Illinois to visit family. The day I arrived in Illinois, we went to a tiny zoo in Racine. That trip afforded me the opportunity to meet my internet friend, Matt, who I've been online friends with for seven years! He lives in Racine, so we met up for lunch. I forgot to get a picture with him! What is wrong with me?!
Then I went with my siblings and nieces to the U.P. to visit my uncle at his cabin. That was a really fun 4 day trip. Campfires, cards, the lake, and 4-wheeling!

To finish the trip, my younger brother and I went to Chicago for the day, to go to a Cubs game. I got to see Wrigley Field! Then we walked around Chicago for a while.

And now, I begin my final week of summer vacation. Then, it's back to the classroom. I would love to have some more summertime, but at the same time--I'm excited to get back to working with the kids.

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