Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I don't know which is coolest ? ? ?

Coolest - I won $112 at poker last weekend.

or is this the coolest - I did a 5k the weekend before.

or perhaps this may be the coolest - I am almost done with grad school!

Choose whichever. But perhaps I'll choose this: School's out for summer!

In January, I started going to the gym. Donald Miller inspired me to try to get fit... or at least lose some weight, or do something to gain some endurance. He did biking. I decided to try running. I still can't run too far or too fast. However, when I began in January, I could hardly complete a mile in 18 minutes. Today, I did 2 miles in 25:01. And, I've officially lost 15 pounds. I have 15 more to go to my goal. I'd hoped to be much closer by this point, but I'm just excited that there is progress. Could this be the coolest?

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