Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baseball Makes Everything Better

Tonight I went with a couple friends down to Nationals Park to watch the Nats play the Mets. I've been pretty down the past week, but there's something about a ballpark that just makes the rainclouds go away.

The Nats won, but the Mets had a couple spectacular plays. I witnessed both an in-the-park homerun and a triple play. That was pretty fantastic.

To top it all off, our tickets were only $5 each, and the usher let us sit in seats that were definitely not ours. baseball.


cheri said...

you're like a boy trapped inside a girl.

Sizzledowski said...

It's true.

JK8181 said...

something about baseball that makes the rain clouds disappear? ut-um.... except when you and i go to comerica park!!!!