Sunday, May 2, 2010

A little Keller, a little C.S. Lewis, a little Sizzle

In the sermon I listened to this week, Keller referred to a comparison made my C.S. Lewis.

Lewis explained this situation: You're a girl and this guy likes you, and three of your dear, close friends plead with you regarding your relationship. They, all three, know this guy is not a good guy and that he will break your heart. But you, seeming to know better, ignore this heartfelt advice. You see him in a different way than everyone else. You know this time he will be different.

In the end, your friends are right, and he breaks your heart.

Lewis compared this to our lives here on earth. We know Jesus. We love Jesus. We know the Bible is true, yet our experiences around us lead us to make decisions that go against what we know is true. Despite the warnings, and regardless of what we believe deep down, we are turned away from making right decisions because of what is in the here and now. Our present "experience" trumps truth.

I find myself living this out in so many areas of my life. In my daily life, I focus on what is happening rather than the bigger picture. In my health, I think about what I want in the moment. In personal interaction with others ... the list goes on.

Oh, that I could love and know Jesus in such reality that my experience with Him trumps what I think to be real and worthy.

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