Thursday, March 4, 2010

Unexplainable versus Undeniable

I just finished a four-part series called It's Personal by Andy Stanley. I highly recommend this sermon series to anyone who is a believer ... and to anyone who is not. I feel like I gained a lot from listening to it. They are currently available for free on iTunes (podcast), so I definitely suggest heading there now (You can come back to the blog later ... plus that'll add another hit to my page).

Before I'd finished the series, I ordered The Reason for God by Tim Keller so I could read it. It had been recommended, and though I only knew the title, I ordered it. Interestingly, the back cover says,

"Using literature, philosophy, real life conversations, and potent reasoning, Keller explains how belief in a Christian God is, in fact, a sound and rational one."

I'm interested to read it because Andy Stanley seemed to point out that there are so many questions we cannot answer. The fact is, our faith comes down to our personal experience with God. Our questions do not always disappear---they merely become less important when the undeniable happens to us. When we encounter Jesus, we care less about the unexplainable.


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Emily said...

I just DL'd them. I hope to have them all listened to within a month. Thanks for the suggestion. :)