Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Run and not be weary, Walk and not faint

Today, after a week off the treadmill (thank you, snow), I returned to the gym. I accomplished a personal best time of 2 miles in 26:05 and 3 miles in 39:51. To runners, or anyone fit, that probably doesn't sound very impressive, but I'm not a runner, and I'm far from fit.

I'm so proud of me.

And I'm thankful. I thanked God for my health today. I thanked Him that I can walk, that I can run, and that I am just all-around healthy. Then I almost wiped out on a giant patch of ice on the front step. So I thanked Him again.

After watching so much Haiti coverage, I find myself thanking God more and more for the simple things I take for granted. Each night (well, most nights) when I go to bed, I get all comfy and then think of those who don't have a comfortable, warm (or cool) place to sleep. How many people go to bed hungry? Who didn't have clean water today?

I don't deserve what I have; and if God took it away from me today, He'd still be God, and He'd still be good. In my sinfulness, I'd probably pout and throw a tantrum and scream, "Don't you love me, God!?" But for now, I just thank Him. Over and over. For my health. For dinner. And for my comfortable bed.

Good night.

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Kass said...


I think your story gets better and better. And being snowed in for a week didn't detract from it at all. :)