Saturday, August 8, 2009


I took many trips this summer, and it was awesome. This is the first summer where I didn't work at all.

My first trip was to Michigan to see family and friends.

Then, David and I took a road trip to Florida to see Krystle and Brian.

Then I flew to Indiana to see Emily. We took a small road trip to Illinois to see Garry and Joy and several other friends from the message board.

Two days after my Indiana trip, I took a bus (for only $25!) up to New York City. I spent 5 days with Joe and Kristina, and also met up with some other friends from the board.

Two days after an amazing trip to NYC, I drove up to Pennsylvania to spend a couple days with Jason and Kassel. Kass and I did some shopping (or I did, rather), saw Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, ate cheesesteak, and went to a Phillies game. Then, we also met up with--yes--more friends from the board!

And now, summer is coming to a close. I have one week of rest, and then work begins for the fall. Then the following week, I begin classes for my master's. I am looking forward to a busy, exciting fall. Lord, give me strength.


Coral said...

How fun!! I'm still incredibly jealous of all your travels. :) It's hard to find the time off at the same time you have the money to do it! :) I'm glad I was able to make the quick trip over to IL to meet you. :) Will be praying for your school year!

Kass said...

Your nieces are sooooooooo cute!