Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nice Work, Namco /end sarcasm

Mark sent me a Ms. Pacman mouse pad, and it's awesome! I love it! It's the little things that make me smile. I start examining the picture, and Ms Pacman is facing right, but there are some dots perpendicular to the path behind her. So I laugh because Namco didn't even make a realistic picture. Then I justify it, saying, she could have turned around before she reached the T on the board, thus making the screen legitimate.

Upon further study, I see that she is on the apple board according to the chart of fruit/food at the bottom of the screen. However, she is chasing a cherry. This is not possible. If she is on the apple board, not only would apples be the only food to exist, the lay out of the board would also be different. So, I am back to my giggling. Namco did indeed create an unrealistic screen shot of their game.

Of course, I really don't care. I still think it's awesome. :)

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MadMup said...

You're such a geek :)