Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anxious dreams

For a while now, I've been experiencing dreams that contain lots of stress. I wake up restless. It seems to happen between snooze buttons, so maybe I should just get up the first time. When I do finally get up, I feel out of sorts, like rushed and anxious.

This morning's dream took place in college. However, the setting was definitely my junior high school building. But then, at points in the dream, the corridors turned into city blocks I had to walk. In the dream, I was finishing up my final semester of college, but I was so lost trying to find all my classes on time. My locker (junior high aspect appears) was disastrous, so I couldn't find my books for class. Finally, I did and headed off (down the road a couple blocks) to my class. My friend (coworker IRL) Kristi showed me where my class was. It was a literature appreciation class.

The teacher was an elderly black man with dreadlocks. I couldn't understand anything he was saying because he was talking completely in metaphors and existential thinking stuff ... like he was high. I realized I didn't have any of my supplies (even though I'd just been at my locker), so I booked back down the hall (which of course turned into a couple blocks), found my stuff, and RAN back.

When I got back this time, I still didn't have everything. By that point, I was just trying to write down the homework assignments he was giving, but I couldn't understand what the project was. There were 3 different things, and I was so confused. On the way out, I was talking with another confused classmate. We both wanted to drop the class, but it was an elective, and I needed an elective. If I dropped it, I wouldn't graduate.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm here, reading and commenting.

I'm always panicking in those back to school dreams. There's a big test and I didn't study. I'm late for a class. I'm still as dorky as ever. etc. etc.