Monday, August 11, 2008

Pronunciation Irritations

What are those words that make you cringe when people pronounce them incorrectly?


melk for milk
pellow for pillow
warsh for wash
kindygarden for kindergarten
anywho for anyhow (I know it's done on purpose, but it still drives me crazy!)
aks for ask
excape for escape

I'm sure I will think of more.


Kelly said...

apparently, i say "ketch" as opposed to "catch." i think that might be some of my dwindling southern accent that's left, though. but it drives grant crazy.

Gretchen said...

Any change in vowel sound from one letter of the alphabet to the other. For instance:

"Are these books on sell?"

"Wow, that's a good dill"

"I don't fill like doing that"

"MMM. . . that was a great mill"

It's pretty much the lazy accent not heralding from any specific part of the country (though I hear it in the midwest most).

Also dropping the L sound in the middle of words. Around here I hear people say "Can I put you on ho'd?" or "o'd" The O is pronounced like a block-o sound, not short O.

Your post cracked me up!

Dana said...

I'm right there with you for kindygarden for kindergarten!!! There is actually a kindergarten teacher at my school that says kindygarden and I cringe everytime she says it...

someone should really tell her, but its not going to be me!