Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Place of Rest

God gave me a beautiful morning to sit by the pool reading a good book, and then the diligence to get on the treadmill for 40 minutes. I can feel myself trying to fight to be stressed, but the Holy Spirit is overcoming that, giving me a sense of peace in his arms today. It's really weird for me to feel that way because I'm not an overly spiritual person. I just feel like God is holding his daughter, telling her it's all going to be ok. And he's telling me He knows how I feel, and He still loves me, and He isn't quitting on me, even in my doubt.

I was dreading practice for our Living Christmas Tree program (Yes, we're starting already), but I made it through fairly enjoyably, and didn't even feel bitter. I then went to the school to sort through school supplies. Finally, this evening, I'll be going to my friends' house --- Steve and Monica. I had their daughter in my class a few years ago, and she invited me over for her birthday party tonight. It will be a fun, relaxing evening.

Know that God is good. He loves the unlovable--ME.

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