Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Friday, I drove to Louisville, Kentucky. The sun was to my left the entire trip, which after 10 hours, made my left side quite sunburned! ha! It was totally worth my time and pain because I got to spend the weekend with Josh and Gretchen, who really are the ideal couple, the ideal friends, and ideal Christians. They are very godly, but they aren't judgmental, and they are totally down to earth. They're just REAL people who have a love for the things of God. Most people would think you could only be one or the other because "spiritual" people are usually just, well, weird. But not Josh and Gretchen. They're fun! I just love them.

Friday night, about 9 of us went to a Mediterranean restaurant to begin Gretchen's 30th birthday celebration. I ate off the children's menu. :) Yay for cheese pizza on pita! Woo!

Saturday morning, about 15 girls met up at Ikea in Cincinnati to continue the birthday weekend. We shopped for about 3 hours, and then went to Bravos for lunch. After Bravos, we went to an international grocery store called Jungle Jim's. It's huge, and has all kinds of crazy foods along with the normal food.

Gretchen and I were exhausted when we got home, but some people had invited her to come to a get-together. Mark and his friend Jason came with us, and we sang songs and just enjoyed fellowship there. Then, they brought out a cake for Gret and sang to her! It was so sweet!

Sunday morning Mark, Jason, Josh, Gretchen, and I went to church. After church, Gretchen was taking her junior high girls on a picnic and berry picking (which just reminded me that I had a dream about berry picking last night), so Josh, Jason, Mark, and I went to eat, and then played Settlers of Catan at Jason's.

It was a very fun, edifying weekend with friends.

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Gretchen said...


I just read this post, and it is so sweet! I will be rereading this in the middle of the winter when I wish we were back to that fun weekend again. I had such a blast with everybody, but it made it especially great that you were there. Wish we had a couple more days!

Love, Gret