Thursday, June 12, 2008

"I am not a Cook!"

Pardon the lame effort at manipulating a famous quote.

It's true. I don't cook much, mostly because I'm so incredibly picky that I don't even know what I would cook if I tried! Also, since it's just me, spending lots of time preparing something just doesn't interest me. I'm all about low maintenance. I like things quick and easy.

I do have a few staples that I make repeatedly: chili, enchiladas, tuna casserole, spaghetti, chicken breast. That might be the extent of it! This week, I tried something new. I knew it would be easy, but I'd never thought to make them before -- tacos! It's my new favorite meal, I think, because I can make the meat, and whip a taco together any time of day! Seriously, how did I not think of this before?

Confession: I don't think I can make hamburgers. I once tried to make a hamburger when I lived in Florida. This was 1999. I couldn't get the stupid patty to stick together! It crumbled in my pan, and I quit. I never tried again. Perhaps I should try again, but also, I hate touching raw meat, so that adds to the dilemma of hamburger-making.

Other staple meals include South Beach frozen pizzas and chicken patties/tenders, though I haven't bought the chicken in a while. I also eat a lot of eggs---omelettes, overeasy, scrambled, whatever.

So, yeah, this was all pointless. hope you enjoyed it!


Coral said...

If I get an inkling to make hamburgers, I tend to just buy the ready made patties.

Tupperware makes hamburger formers that work well though.

And now I really want tacos....... :) I haven't made them in forever.

dramaturge said...

With hamburgers, you can't just use the meat. If you mix some bread crumbs and an egg into it, it keeps the meat together much better. Just a tip.

Molly Carlisle said...

I can't imagine touching raw egg AND meat. eeeew. I'm such a big baby!

Emily said...

Yeah, go with the pre-made patties.

And I love tacos.