Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Last November, my dad entered himself into a 3 week rehabilitation facility for his alcohol problem. He has had several areas of addiction problem for years, ever since I can remember. It's been a long road, with many roller coaster rides. Some days he is in a deep depression, other days he acts as if he is high or drunk. Today, I called to wish him a Happy Father's Day, and he sounded well. He went to the doctor this week, who gave him a clean bill of health. This means his heart, blood pressure, and even his liver, are in great condition. This is pretty amazing considering the years of abuse to his body. He's also lost 9 pounds since his last doctor's visit. I'm so happy for him, and I told him, "I guess that means we get to keep you around for a while." He's not the easiest person to love all the time, but he's still my daddy, and I love him.

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