Thursday, June 28, 2012

Love, the Trinity, and My Existence

I'll never understand love.
I will certainly never comprehend the Trinity.
Maybe someday I'll fully understand the purpose of my existence.

I'm reading King's Cross by Timothy Keller right now. Two things have struck me so far. One is how the book of Mark and Keller's comments are reminding me of my complete selfishness. The other is the explanation of the Trinity, God's love, and my existence. I won't spend any time on my selfishness today.

The relationship of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is one that dwells in community and love... each glorifying the other with all His fullness. In Genesis, God the Father speaks the Word, and the Spirit moves. In the baptism of Christ, Jesus glorifies God the Father, the Father is pleased, and the Spirit ascends like a dove. Each is pouring glory on the other.

In the book, Keller explains that in order for God to be Love, which He claims to be, there must be relationship. If there is no Trinity, then there was no love before creation because love can only be demonstrated through relationship. I found that to be an interesting point. I'm sure people could debate it, but it struck me as thought-provoking.

Love is giving. The Father gives glory to Jesus. Jesus gives glory to the Father. The Spirit gives glory to Jesus. You get it. The perfection of community that exists in the Trinity is possible because of Love.

What does this have to do with my existence?

Maybe when God created man, it wasn't to bring glory to Himself, but to be able to give love to man. Our responsibility then, to complete this community, is to give glory to God, but His purpose is to give love and glory to us. That's community. That's love. This understanding of community and responsibility helps me view God so differently.

God wants to lavish me with his love. In my upbringing, it was always about "do this" and "don't do that." This pleases God. But God isn't waiting around to be pleased. He's actively loving me regardless of what I do. This doesn't leave me blameless. In order for me to experience the fullness of this communion with God, I in turn must glorify Him with all that is in me. I must love Him back. Relationship cannot be one-sided. My love for God does not determine His love for me. His love for me is unrelenting. But when I choose someone/something else besides God to receive my love, I am not experiencing the full communion with God that He intended for me to have. I am only robbing myself when I choose to put my love somewhere else.

I exist because God wants to share His love with me. That is powerful.

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Jacknackers said...

Wow - Very interesting.
I love your explanation of our purpose, and God's purpose for that matter.