Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My first earthquake

We had just started our history lesson. I teach in a modular, so it's common for the room to shake when someone is running in the hall or when the outside door slams. I figured someone was running. Then it got louder and stronger. My mind moved to thinking a truck was pulling near the building. Then as I saw the speakers swaying and the room tilting back and forth like a boat, I thought TORNADO? But then I looked outside and everything was still. That's when I realized it was an earthquake.

I squatted down to the ground without saying a word and most of the students followed my lead. When a couple boys tried to joke around, I told everyone to be quiet and sit on the floor. It only seemed to last 15 seconds or so, but it was all such a blur as I was trying to figure out what was even going on.

We all ended up in the field next to the school until school was dismissed.

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