Thursday, October 7, 2010

This deserves its own post...

Thanks are due to Emily for reminding me to post this picture as well. This picture gets a post to itself because this guy is pretty awesome. In June, Armando Galarraga was robbed of a perfect game because of a poor call by the umpire.

As most of you have probably read or seen, Galarraga responded in an incredibly gracious manner. The umpire also reacted when he realized the mistake he had made. The entire situation, as heart-breaking as it was, demonstrated great sportsmanship and character. Both Galarraga and Joyce (the umpire) will forever be remembered for their actions that day.

So, as I was standing outside Camden Yards last Friday night, I was stoked when I saw Armando Galarraga walk out the doors. Some players don't stop for pictures or autographs. Although he was out there meeting friends and maybe family, he graciously signed for the kids who asked and took a photograph with me. What a nice guy.

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