Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, America

I am thankful to God that I live in America. The other day, I was driving my little Kia Spectra down the road, and I began to contemplate how fortunate I am. Truly, I am rich. What? Yes! I drive a Spectra and I'm rich. My mind wandered to the people of Haiti, to the people in so many parts of the world who have no financial means. They have no government support. People across the globe suffer daily in immense ways that I will never know.

I do not think God loves me more than those who live in these other countries. I will never understand why I am given this gift of freedom and opportunity. I am sitting inside my room in the air condition, using my laptop and watching the 2010 MLB All-Star Selection Show. I just returned from church where we met together to worship our Lord. These opportunities I take for granted. I have turned them into rights.

This gift of freedom that I have. This gift of American government, it's just that: gifts. There may be a time when these things are taken from me. What then? Will I still see God for Who He is? Or will I become bitter that I do not have the things I desire to have.

Living in America is something I am thankful for, but I must also remember to put my hope and trust in Jesus Christ, my God, and not the material things or human protection He has given me. My hope is in You, Lord.

Today, I praise God for America. Happy 4th of July. May we celebrate our citizenship today, and always. May we also celebrate our citizenship in the kingdom of God, today and always.

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JK8181 said...

you love america... yet drive a kia? :-P