Thursday, June 17, 2010

My 2nd Kiva Loan

In January, I gave my first $25 to The other day, I received an email informing me the loan was fully repaid, so I have recycled the $25 to another business.

From Kiva:

Shahida lives with her husband and children in Multan, Pakistan, the city of sweetmeats and shrines.

A very talented lady, Shahida owns and operates a boutique business. She first buys unstitched clothes from the market and then stitches them with good designs to sell to her customers.
She has been doing this work for over five years.

She is acknowledged in her community as a hardworking lady. Her business helps her to improve the living standard of her family.
She has applied for a loan from Asasah to invest more capital in her boutique business. She will buy clothes and threads in bulk with the loan amount.

She is hopeful that with this loan she will be able to achieve her goal of having a successful boutique business.

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