Monday, April 12, 2010

My abstract for my spring lab

I'll probably rewrite it a few times before I'm actually done.

This study is an action research project that has been completed in a fourth grade classroom at *********. The purpose of this project is to examine cognitive development, instruction, and assessment in the classroom setting, specifically in the subject of reading. The initial research includes a preassessment of student performance. Curriculum for a four-week unit is then designed based on the results of the preassessment. At the halfway point of the unit, a formative assessment will reveal student progress. Continuing the action research, the teacher will evaluate the curriculum and adjust the final two weeks based on the formative assessment as well as other informal assessments that have taken place throughout the research. The process employs effective curriculum design both to determine the needs of the students effectively and successfully meet those needs using both traditional and alternative methods.

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