Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Teaching myself as I teach 9-10 year olds

"Love your enemies."

"Bless them that curse you."

"Do good to them that hate you."

If someone steals your stuff, give him the stuff he didn't steal.
If someone slaps you, turn the other cheek.

We need to act, not react. Our actions should not be determined by someone else's actions.

I quoted to my students. Then I said to them, "It's easy to read your Bible, sing a song, and go to church." I held up my Bible: "But this is the Jesus you are saying you want to follow."

Man, I was talking to myself there. The students were in shock. They know the Jesus that forgives, but they do not know the Jesus who expects us to put ourselves last. I sometimes wonder if I even know that Jesus. Don't I have rights? Don't I deserve something?

I told them, when we are faced with these situations... we need to see them as opportunities to bring God glory and not as situations where we are being offended.

Tough. It's tough. Holy Spirit, help me.

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Kass said...

I love reading your posts because they challenge me. That's also why I enjoyed Blue Like Jazz. Jesus asks us to do some tough things but do we actually do as he says?