Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NYC Spring 2010 part 1

Sunday - Joe, Michael, and I took the ferry across so we could get pics of the Statue of Liberty.

Monday - Michael and I wandered. Met Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) in the NHL store. He was really nice. Then my friend, Kenny, hooked us up with VIP passes to The Marriage Ref. We schmoozed with rich and important people before the taping. The entire experience was extremely fun, and the comedy was tremendous. Seeing Jerry Seinfeld and Tracy Morgan were the highlights of that experience.

Tuesday - Met up with Cheri and we went to a taping of Jimmy Fallon. The guests were Janet Jackson and John Cena.

Wednesday - heading to Central Park with Joe, to meet up with Kristina and Michael who are presently at the Met. Later, Michael and I are going to the Rangers Islanders game.

I love the city. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

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