Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pretty Unfascinating

Yesterday, I went for my fitness evaluation at the gym. We won't discuss the outcome of that eval, but I can tell you part of it --- I'm sore! Walking out of the gym last night, I could barely walk down the stairs. The mini-training intro consisted of multiple squats. Every step I took, I was certain my knees were going to give as I hobbled down the stairs of the fitness center.

A lady at least twice my age was bouncing down the stairs beside me while I managed to take one step at a time. "OOh, what class did you just come from?"

"It wasn't a class. It was a fitness evaluation... I feel like an old..." uh, I caught myself, "I feel like..." nope can't say that either. And then I just mumbled to myself as I realized I couldn't use "grandma" or "old" at all to describe how I felt to a 60+ fit woman. Fail.

Today, I still can't walk up/down stairs. But Kristi-Anna and I rode the stationary bikes together anyway. Go us!

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