Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09-09-09 - A Day I'll Remember For Quite Some Time

Near the end of the school day, I noticed on Twitter that Don Miller was in D.C. for a meeting of some kind. Don Miller is my favorite author. After reading all of his books, I felt like I knew him, and I'm sure if we ever met, we'd be friends. I also heard him speak in Virginia a few years ago, and there is something magnetic about his personality. You just want to know him.

Anyway, he had been hiding manuscripts to his new book all over the United States. He'd tell you the location on Twitter, and the first person to find the manuscript would also find a cell number so you could call Don Miller himself.

Today, around 3ish, he announced there'd be one more manuscript in front of a prominent house in D.C. at 5:30. I've never driven in D.C. let alone during the rush hour. Also, I was feeling miserably sick and wanted to go home and right to bed. As I drove home down Route 4, I thought, ya know, this road turns into Pennsylvania Avenue. I could just go. Why not? Worst case scenario: I get lost and don't get the manuscript. Best case: I get the manuscript and talk to Don Miller on the phone. So I went.

My GPS kept turning me in circles in D.C. and I had no idea where I was. Traffic was horrible, and it was nearing 5:30. I tweeted that I was going to head home. I tried and failed, and it was a dream lost. Kassel replied that it was only 5:20 and I shouldn't give up. At that moment, I saw the old house that is my personal landmark to let me know the White House is near. I pulled into a parking garage as soon as I saw one.

Meanwhile, Don Miller sent another tweet that said, "I'm here, with the manuscript and some runner up prizes. Would love to meet you." WHAT??!! HE IS THERE??!! HERE?!! aaahh! So, I RUN toward the White House, only to realize I'm in the BACK of the White House. It was 5:35 at this point, and there's no way I'd make it around to the front. But just as disappointment was about to take over, I saw him! He was facing away from me, talking to a guy ... who was holding the manuscript. I knew it was Don from the back by his legs. He's knock kneed like I am. :)

I interrupted their conversation, introduced myself to Don Miller, and AHHH! I'd met him! We took pictures; he took one with his iPhone. I took one with my phone. We chatted for a few minutes, and that was that. He took my address and is going to send me a hardback copy of his book since I didn't get the manuscript.

Man, I'm so glad I went. Some of you have no idea the impact his books have had on my life. I wish now that I'd mentioned that to him. He has been helpful and inspirational to me, and now I've met him.

What a great belated birthday present.


Maeganjoy said...

That is so cool!!!!

David said...

that's pretty cool sizzle

Kass said...

Glad encouragement was the best present I could give to you this year.


Kookie said...

I love that you did that Sizzle! :0)

eskypades said...

That's awesome!

Revolutionsurfer said...

Great story. Happy for you.

J said...

wow that is a great story! i love Donald miller ever since I read Blue Like Jazz, then I went back and read his other books.He's a great writer. I met him a while back at one of his million miles tour. It's not as exciting as your story, but its a story :) You can read about it here if you want:

anyway, he's a cool guy. I really want to go to his "living a better story" seminar this September. have you heard about it?