Monday, May 25, 2009

The Truth Will Set You Free

It's fairly probable that you've had a discussion with someone along the way about truth. Some people believe in ONLY black and white, some people believe all truth is relative, and then some people kind of ride the fence---thinking some things are set in stone, and other things can waiver based on opinions.

When I defend Christianity---which I'm not that great at---I often find myself saying, "Truth is truth whether you believe it or not." And I think that's a true statement. I don't believe truth is relative. Sometimes, people see things from a different perspective than others, but that does not change what actually is.

Today, I was leaving a party where I spent some time with my Bible study girls, and I was thinking of how much I'll miss them. It was strange for me to think that they will miss me, too, but I know they will. My mind wandered into some semi-deep thinking (ok, not really).

It hit me---These people love me and care about me, and think I'm a terrific person, even if I don't. God tells me I am His creation, that I am made in His image, and that I am exactly who He wants me to be. He tells me I have purpose. My friends see that truth, but I don't. So, it's time to remind myself---Truth is truth whether I believe it or not.

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