Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Point and Laugh

I have a fear of being stupid. I don't like to look stupid. ever. I think because I was made fun of so much as a kid (predominantly by my brother) that I began to be extremely conscientious of being dumb.

Later on in life, I learned to make myself the joke. This way, people are laughing with me and not just at me. So, today, I share with you my idiot moment of the day. Laugh away. I cried, but it's ok if you laugh.

I have special church meetings tonight, but it was also supposed to be my Bible study group's dinner night. THEN, Stacy set my appointment for 5:30 to have my dress altered for the wedding. The alterations superseded everything.

So, I raced home after teacher's meeting to grab my shoes and sucker-inner (spanx whatev). I drive FORTY minutes to get to the shop. I'm early. good. I wait in the car, and suddenly, it hits me... THE DRESS IT AT HOME. I had completely forgotten that I took the dress home last time we went. UGH.

So, I have to make a new appointment. I didn't go to dinner, and I'm not driving anymore to go to church.

Who goes to have a dress altered without the dress? Oh, I do!

BLAH. IS today over now?

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