Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Easter Story

"Jesus died on the cross for your sins." True story! It's interesting to see people's view of that statement.

I was raised this way: Stop doing your awful sins! Every time you sin, YOU ARE THE REASON Jesus had to die! It's all your fault! You sick, wretched being! You should be disgusted with yourself! Can't you do anything right? Repent!

I'm learning this way now: God knew I was a filthy, rotten sinner, and He loved me so much, He sent Jesus Christ to pay for my sins. Jesus loves me so much, He willingly sacrificed His life for me. He knew I would fall over and over again, but that didn't stop Him from loving me completely.

My upbringing has caused me so much guilt. Obviously, I am a sinner, and God does ask me to repent and turn to Him. But He does not want me to live in guilt and fear. He wants me to live in freedom from the bondage. He has drawn me to Himself with open arms of love. Steadfast love.


.:*Beautiful Self*:. said...

"No guilt in life, no fear in death - THIS is the power of Christ in me!"
(from: "In Christ Alone")

True story....

Emily said...