Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You Won't Catch Me Trying New Things

Saturday night, Mark and I went to dinner with Stacy and Greg at Sweet Water Tavern. I had a most delicious filet mignon. Stacy and Greg told us they are kind of doing this new thing --- always trying something new when they go to a restaurant. Anyone who knows Mark or me realizes that was laughable for both of us.

I am picky and a creature of habit. I have my specific meals I eat at specific places, and if you take me to a place I've never been, I always pray they have one of the following: steak, burgers, chicken tenders, or fish and chips. Those are my staple meals at restaurants, along with breakfast any time!

My usual restaurants and my usual meals:

McDonalds: 99% of the time it's a chicken nugget meal
Taco Bell: Bean burrito--no onions, nachos
Chili's: Moneterey Chicken (with corn on the cob instead of fresh veggies) or CRISPY HONEY-CHIPOTLE CHICKEN CRISPERS
Texas Roadhouse: 6 oz. sirloin--med well, w/ salad (french dressing, no tomatoes), baked potato
Red Robin: Teryaki chicken burger - no lettuce, tomato, or mayo (or fish and chips)
Buffalo Wild Wings: 4 hot barbecue boneless, 4 honey barbecue boneless, and buffalo chips

Now I'm hungry for BWW.

How about you? are you more versatile than I am?


Coral said...

Nope, I'm pretty much like you.... I hate trying new foods and pretty much hate trying new restaurants too. :) If I'm talked into a new place, I look for chicken tenders first off, then a burger or turkey melt.

McD's - chicken nuggets
Chili's - chicken crispers with 2 sides of loaded mashed potatoes instead of corn on the cob and fries
Chick-fil-a - #1 with no pickle
Taco Bell - crunchy tacos with meant and cheese only
Wendy's - chicken sandwich plain
Burger King - chicken sandwich plain
Sonic - chicken sandwich or cheeseburger - plain of course
Olive Garden or other Italian type places - chicken alfredo
Deli/sub places I go for warm or toasted turkey and cheese only

Yeah, I'm pretty much a chicken nugget/tender/sandwich freak. ;)

Sizzledowski said...

plain chicken @ Wendy's for me too! :) haha.

Brian Arnold said...

It depends on the place, really. I often try to get new things, unless the place is really focused on one major product line - unless I've been there *so* much that I've basically exhausted the set of products.

I've had just about everything non-fish at Chili's now, fajitas to salads to steaks to ribs, and so now I usually wind up getting a triple play. I've tried all the sauces at B-dubs, so now I focus primarily on Caribbean Jerk, Asian Zing, and maybe the hot Garlic one. I've had literally every sandwich that Subway offers, and tend to get the new ones when they come out, but 95% of the time it's either a veggie or chicken breast.

Anywhere where I haven't had as much, though (say, Olive Garden) I'll tend to mix it up and try to get something new and different each time.

Darrell said...

We don't go out very much anymore but when we used to....

Chilis - Cajun Chicken Sandwich
TGIF - Sizzling Chicken and Cheese
McD - Big Mac or Big and Tasty
Taco Bell - 2 Chalupas and a cruchy taco
Wendy's - whatever #1 is with a baked potato

Yeah...I'm predictable.

Emily said...

Sometimes I like to try new things and sometimes I want what I always get. Depends on my mood.

MadMup said...

I pretty much get the same thing when I go back to places I've been. If I know what I like, why get something else?

.:*Beautiful Self*:. said...

I've been craving BWW since lst Thursday.... :(
sad story....