Saturday, February 7, 2009


I'm reading Love is a Choice right now, and I've been highlighting some interesting passages in the book. I came across this one and wanted to share:

A number of counselors now believe that at the core, most addictions are shame-based.

"I'm pedaling as fast as I can in reverse, and this cycle is still carrying me where I don't want to go. I've lost it. If I were stronger, if I weren't so worthless, I'd keep a lid on these appetites--maintain a balance. I'm at fault, and obviously I'm too selfish and lazy to pull myself together.

I cannot count the times I've told myself that. It's a daily basis at the least. The church where I was raised instilled so much guilt in me, that I feel I can't think any other way.
So is it an unhealthy guilt or is it the Holy Spirit? It seems I ask forgiveness, but still can't shake the guilt, nor the problem.

How does one heal from a guilt-ridden life, and how does one truly heal from an addiction?

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