Monday, December 1, 2008

Rambling like (I'm) crazy

These next two weeks are going to be dreadful, or I fear they will be so my anxiety is kicking full speed. I have Living Christmas Tree practice almost every day, which means I won't even be getting home til after 9 this week, and maybe 11 next week. Then 5 full performances the next weekend, and a field trip (genius on my part /end sarcasm) the Monday after.

I'm used to having a cushy schedule where I don't really have to do anything, so the LCT alone is a bit of anxiety for me, but I have so much more than that going on. Our January field trip to Biztown requires 4-5 weeks of lessons, and I have to get on the ball with that in the next two weeks. I also have to have my evaluation by my principal, which includes having a formal lesson with her watching ... it's really not stressful, but preparing for it will be because it's just another thing on my plate.

Also, ACSI Math Olympics stuff is going to begin pretty soon, so I have that looming. I am the chairperson for the math part of the Fine Arts / Academic Competition. I do all the coordinating and communication with the schools involved.

I had this genius idea of putting together an incentive game for these 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas for my class. I knew they'd be hyper and completely unfocused, so I thought this would help steer them. What I failed to think about was my workload, and keeping consistent with any incentive program requires much extra work, so I also have that. Plus, I have to figure out what their reward will be this week ... and I told them there'd be a reward for each of the next 8 weeks.

Financially, I'm a bit stressed, but I'm not going to get into that. I have to give that over to God. It's so hard for me to do. I'm such a control freak.

All these things probably don't sound like a big deal, but when I go from doing NOTHING to doing many things, my brain almost explodes.

Oh, and I really need to put together a writing project for my class, but when exactly am I going to get the time for that? Hmmm. *sigh*


Coral said...

I understand to a degree how you feel. The past few weeks have been like that for me. Now that we have accreditation over with, we are under much less stress here though. Will be praying for you. Do you have 2 full weeks off for Christmas?

Whenever my family or friends talk about how easy us teachers have it because we get the long breaks, I tell them off. We need those breaks to survive.... our job never ends - but a lot of people don't see that.

Sizzledowski said...

Yeah, I get the 2 full weeks, which is nice, but silly me packs it full of traveling. I don't really have any downtime on my break. So sad. But I am grateful to see family, friends, and Mark! :)