Friday, September 12, 2008

Ray Boltz "comes out"

Read about it at this blog.

I have to say, the comments on the blog don't sit right with me. I'll still listen to songs like "Watch the Lamb" and "Thank You." Ok, no I won't, but not because Ray Boltz is gay; rather because the songs are not in my range of taste anymore. I don't know the lifestyle of every singer of every song I jam. I don't think I need to. Listening to someone's music doesn't say, "I agree with the way this person lives his life." It says, "I like their music," or "I like the message of the music."

I don't think listening to Ray's old music says, "I agree with Ray Boltz now."


Some people have said things like, "I can't believe a Christian could fall so hard like this!" My response:

We as Christians are very judgmental on other Christians who have sin issues. I think Ray Boltz should have been able to confess his desires long ago without having the worry of being judged, but apparently, he did not feel this way. It festered over the years, the sin progressed, and finally, it was easier for him to pretend it isn't sin rather than feel the immense guilt he has had over the years.

I think it's so important for us as Christians to be non-judgmental, not because sin is ok, but because it allows for Christians to confess their faults one to another.


MadMup said...

I love to listen to "Watch the Lamb" every so often myself.

I think the same way about music, and I'm also sad by how people are (and will be) handling this :(

Kelly said...

after reading that whole article, i have to say, i'm pretty disappointed. i like kirk talley's way of dealing with everything more than ray's. the part where he says something like God made me this way, so I'm going to live this way. well, we all have a depraved nature, but it seems like he's giving into that depraved nature. which, we all do, but it seems like he's okay with it. that's like the alcoholic saying, "well, God made me this way, so i might as well just drink."

Sizzledowski said...

It is disappointing, and I don't agree with his way of handling it. As Christians, what do we do then? I think we pray for him. I think those who are his friends should confront him. But there will be people who will go about talking about what a horrible person he is, and I just don't see that helping anything.

Kelly said...

well, of course not. he needs to get into christian counseling, like 30 years ago. but, since he never did that, he's rationalizing his sin as okay. and that's not okay.

Sizzledowski said...

I agree. :)