Friday, April 11, 2008

Cherry Blossom Festival

It's the time for cherry blossoms in D.C.

Today, I met up with some of my friends from college whom I hadn't seen in ... eight years. It was nice to have the day off work so I could spend time with them. I adore Josh and Gretchen so much. I don't even know where to begin on how highly I think of them. They're the epitome of good people. :)


Gretchen said...

Your post brings tears. Szyd, you sweet thing. What are you writing things like that for?? :)

WAH! Our trip's over! I would LOVE to be back there hanging out! Josh and I are already talking about a trip in the fall. Next Spring at the latest!

Molly Carlisle said...

I really mean it, too! I was telling my friends at work what a great couple you guys are. I adore how you lift each other up, and don't spend your day just putting each other down. I truly know MANY couples who spend more time complaining about each other than they do edifying each other. It was refreshing to be with you two!!

I hope you come soon! :)