Saturday, March 15, 2008

Video Games

I've been trying for about 10 minutes to write a post about video games. I can't, though, because I don't even like video games. Hmm, that's untrue. I don't like most video games. My distaste stems from my inability to play most of them. It irritates me. I want to be good at video games because it's competitive, and I love competition. So truly, my hatred should be with my inability rather than the games themselves.

There are, however, some video games I do enjoy. We had an ATARI game system when we were kids. I sucked at Donkey Kong. I did all right in River Raid and Frogger, so those became my games of choice.

When we got a Nintendo, I worked very hard to beat Super Mario Bros. I guess I had something to prove. I am pretty sure it took me a couple years to beat the game, while everyone else had moved on to other games like Zelda... which I never did figure out.

Tetris is one of my favorite games. I learned early on that I was skilled at this game. I could beat most people in lines and/or score.

I wasn't awesome at Mortal Kombat, but I could occasionally beat my brother, so I enjoyed that game. I would always choose subzero. It's easy to beat up a frozen dude. Plus, my brother taught me the leg sweep trick, where I could repeatedly trip the guy and he couldn't retaliate before I swept him again. I even learned a few codes for finalities.

Recently, I've taken a liking to Guitar Hero. I have beaten everything in medium (except Lou), but I can't get through a song on hard. I've heard Rock Band is even better, but I haven't had the opportunity to play that one.

These are all pretty cool games, but my favorite game of all time, without a doubt, has to be Ms. Pacman. I own a plug-in game and I still play it. I once spent an entire day at Disneyquest playing Ms. Pacman for most of the day. I almost hit 100,000 that day. I had the high score, regardless. It's my dream to own an arcade version of Ms. Pacman. Someday. someday!

What are your favorite video games?


Anonymous said...

I am ridiculously addicted to video games. In fact, I am gearing up to add the all-heralded XBox 360 to my PS2 and Nintendo 64. It's hard to state a "favorite," but I do have several I play over and over. I really like the Spyro the Dragon series. Love the first 3 Onimusha games (being a sword-wielding Samurai is pretty fun); jury's still out on the 4th one since I haven't finished it. Any Rachet game is good. And the Prince of Persia series is pretty amazing. As you can see, I enjoy RPG games that involve sword-fighting and races against evil. haha. Although, I do enjoy a rousing game of Mario Kart. :D Yes, I play too many video games.

Emily said...

I have so many favorites, I can't even name them all. I'm obsessed with the Sims: Bustin' Out right now. I also like The Simpsons: Road Rage.

Even though we don't own a Nintendo game system right now, whenever I get the chance, I like to play Mario Cart and Mario Party.

Kelly said...

Guitar Hero would quickly become an obsession in our house, if we had a Wii. But, James Bond is a classic for us. Not sure which one, I know it's one for Nintendo 64, but we always just call it "Jimmy." Also, Mario Kart for the 64. I swear, Grant would play that all day, if he could.

MadMup said...

The Tomb Raider series is my favorite series and Q*Bert is my favorite old-school game (even though I'm no good at it!).

I like a wide variety of games and at one time had 16 different consoles in my possession. While I still have a lot, my main system these days is an Xbox 360.

My PS2 recently died, and I'm thinking I'm going to replace it because that's the system that I take to other people's houses so we can play GH, as the 360 is a pain to haul around.

Molly Carlisle said...

Oh man! How the !#@$% did I forget about Q*Bert???!! I loved that game. We had a mini-arcade version of it. It was awesome. good call.

MadMup said...

A very apropos response to Q*Bert :P

Gretchen said...

I suck at them ALL.

I have really only liked playing my brother-in-law's Wii. I was pretty stoked when I KOed Josh in the first round of boxing, but after a bunch more rounds, I was SUPER SORE! Seriously, it did not wear off for days. Better than Billy Blanks