Saturday, March 22, 2008

O Sacred Head

This may be the first year where I've chosen to contemplate the death and resurrection of Christ during this season. I see Easter as a holiday, but not a holy day. I understand the concept of remembering what Christ did for us, but I do not like the idea of only celebrating it once a year, so to me, Easter is just a time to get together with family and eat lots of chocolate. As a Christian, I should be in constant celebration of the death and resurrection of my Savior. I feel similarly about Christmas. Maybe it's just the commercialization of everything. Maybe I'm just afraid it will become a tradition in my head, rather than a truth in my heart.

We had a Good Friday service last night, and Steve sang O Sacred Head while a beautiful, sad video of Christ's final days played on the screen. Steve's rendition was amazing. I wish I'd had my camera so I could've recorded it. Instead, I found a substitute video.

My sweet, sweet Savior. Oh, the pain He went through. Oh the Love He showed for me. How undeserving I am. How grateful I should be.

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